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Principal's Welcome

A warm welcome to the Woodside Primary School website, a gateway into our vibrant, caring and high quality learning community. Thank you for your interest in our future focussed school - a school committed to engaging all learners in an innovative 21st Century curriculum, and a school that prides itself on putting the needs of our children first.

Our success is built on a strong and active school community of students, parents and staff, who all value the same high standards of education. This strong partnership has an important role to play in developing an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, enthusiasm and friendship so that each child may develop to their full potential.

This is a school where traditional priorities, such as Literacy and Numeracy are enhanced by offering opportunities for students to think deeply, solve problems, communicate effectively, work collaboratively in teams, display resilience, develop creativity and critical thinking skills and be entrepreneurial. We encourage all our students to make the most of each opportunity, resulting in them being well prepared to make a life, a living and a difference.

Please take time to explore our website and discover more about what our school has to offer your child.

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Our newsletter has gone online! 

From 2021 on, our school newsletter will be available online only. You can view it on your computer, tablet or phone. The links to our 2021 online newsletters can be found below and have also been sent to you via Skoolbag:

Newsletter Term 4 Week 1
Newsletter Term 4 Week 4
Newsletter Term 4 Week 6

Newsletter Term 3 Week 3
Newsletter Term 3 Week 6
Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

Newsletter Term 2 Week 1
Newsletter Term 2 Week 3
Newsletter Term 2 Week 6
Newsletter Term 2 Week 9

Newsletter Term 1 Week 2
Newsletter Term 1 Week 3
Newsletter Term 1 Week 6
Newsletter Term 1 Week 9

SkoolBag App

The SkoolBag app is your portal to current information and activities in the school. You can download the app for your device at the links below. You will need to have a child enrolled at the school to access the information.

It contains:

  • Newsletters
  • General notices
  • Absentee forms
  • Term Planner
  • Information about upcoming events
  • Canteen menu
  • OSHC information
  • and much more!

Woodside OSHC

Woodside Primary School Out of School Hours Care is located on the beautiful grounds of Woodside Primary School. Woodside OSHC is run by the Governing Council of Woodside Primary School and is an accredited child care provider. More information can be found on the Parents page or you can visit the link below.

Woodside OSHC web page